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Beach Water Polo Continues Winning Streak At Claremont Convergence

Sophomore Daniela Screnci scored 6 goals in the Claremont Convergence
March 7, 2015

Claremont, Calif. - No. 15LBSU women's water polo takes home two wins against Chapman and Redlands at the Claremont Convergence. Junior Christina Kotsia, senior Justine Morgan, and sophomore Daniela Screnci each scored 6 goals.

In the first quarter of the first match against Chapman, junior goalie Alexis Butler had a shutout against the Panthers. Junior Jessica Brooks opened the match by scoring the first goal. Morgan followed Brooks and scored her first goal of the match. Kotsia and sophomore Lacey Sedor each scored a goal on counter attacks, then Brooks scored her second goal on a six versus five man up power play to end the quarter at 5-0.

In the beginning of the second quarter, Chapman came out strong and scored their first goal. Freshman Virginia Smith answered back with a goal from a power play opportunity. Both junior Kayla Robert and Kotsia threw in goals from counter attacks to end the halftime with a lead of 8-2.



Kotsia opened the third quarter by scoring two more goals from the perimeter. Then freshman Luiza Moraes got her hands on the ball and threw it in the back of the Panther's net on a counter attack. Junior Emily Matheson took action from the center position and scored her first goal of the match. Chapman tried to answer back to the Beach again by scoring another goal, but then Smith scored her second goal from another power play to end the quarter at 13-5.

In the fourth and final quarter, Kotsia scored her fifth goal from the perimeter and Morgan scored two goals on counter attacks. Chapman scored their final goal, and then Screnci scored three goals in a row. To finalize the match, senior Kellie Guerin scored a goal from a counter attack to take the win at 20-6.

Long Beach State- 5, 3, 5, 7| 20
Chapman- 0, 2, 3, 1| 6

LBSU: Kotsia 5, Morgan 3, Screnci 3, Brooks 2, Smith 2, Moraes, Robert, Guerin, Matheson, Sedor
Chapman:Ford 3, Farley, Quincy, Price

LBSU: Butler 5
Chapman: Spicer 3, Goodspeed 1

In the first quarter against Redlands, Kotsia opened the match by scoring the first goal within thirty seconds from the perimeter. Junior Leigh Auth scored her first goal of the weekend. Sedor scored two goals, and then Morgan and Moraes both scored goals from counter attacks. Screnci scored on a power play to end the quarter with a 7-1 lead over Redlands.

In the second quarter, Morgan and Screnci both had goals on counter attacks. Morgan then scored her third goal from the perimeter and Auth scored her second goal. Moraes scored her second goal from a five meter penalty shot to end the quarter 12-3.

In the third quarter, freshmen Savannah Vukelich and Jackie Stanger scored a goal each on counter attacks against the Bulldogs. Matheson scored twice from the center position with a back hand shot. Vukelich scored again on a power play opportunity to end the quarter 17-4.

In the final quarter, freshman Emily Garcynski scored her first goal from the perimeter. Screnci and Guerin also scored from the perimeter to end the match with a win at 20-6.

LBSU will play again on Thursday March 12 at the Ken Lindgren Aquatic Center at LBSU at 7:00 p.m.

Long Beach State- 7, 5, 5, 3| 20
Redlands- 1, 2, 1, 2| 6

LBSU: Screnci 3, Morgan 3, Vukelich 2, Moraes 2, Sedor 2, Matheson 2, Auth 2, Guerin, Kotsia, Stanger, Garcynski
Redlands:Claypool 3, Christie 2, Van Houten

LBSU: Dominguez 4
Redlands: Lopez 4

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