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49ers finish as National Runner-Up in inaugural NCAA Sand Volleyball season

Tara Roenicke and Caitlin Ledoux were selected as two of the first All-Americans in Sand Volleyball.

April 28, 2012

Gulf Shores, Ala. - Long Beach State handed Florida State its first loss of the season, and then defeated the Seminoles a second time to reach the first-ever National Championship match in Sand Volleyball, but lost 3-0 to Pepperdine in the finals on Saturday. Caitlin Ledoux and Tara Roenicke were both selected as All-Americans in the first year of the sport.

Long Beach State, as the at-large selection and third seed, started the day by playing Florida State, the second seed in the four-team tournament. Led by Ledoux and Roenicke, who defeated Newgard/Tiegs in three sets, Long Beach State handed the Seminoles their first loss of the season 3-2 to advance to face the winner of the other preliminary match, Pepperdine.

After falling to the Waves, the 49ers had to again face Florida State in the back draw of the double-elimination tournament, but again prevailed, as Janisa Johnson and Tyler Jackson won a thrilling 23-21, 23-21 match in the fifth flight over Wickstrom and Yildirim, while the 49ers welcomed the return of Delainey Aigner-Swesey as she partnered with Libby Fontanilla for a second win on the day over the Seminoles' Haworth/Kiley in the third flight.

Faced with another chance against Pepperdine in the national championship, the 49ers were unable to upset the Waves, as Pepperdine remained undefeated, winning 3-0 to claim the first-ever national championship in the sport of sand volleyball. Long Beach State finished the season with a record of 8-6 overall; however, five of those losses came to Pepperdine, and the 49ers were one of only two teams to take a point from the Waves over the season.



Following the conclusion of play on Sunday, ten players were selected as All-Americans, matching the number needed to fill a team. Caitlin Ledoux and Tara Roenicke were both chosen, representing the 49ers as two of the first-ever Sand Volleyball All-Americans.

Long Beach State still has more action at the AVCA National Sand Championships tomorrow. Ledoux and Roenicke along with Hampton and Cabrajac are two of 16 teams selected to play in a single-elimination tournament to determine the individual national champions on Sunday.

(3) Long Beach State 3, (2) Florida State 2
#1: Ledoux/Roenicke (LBSU) def. Newgard/Tiegs (FSU), 14-21, 21-16, 15-7
#2: Pardon/Stepanova (FSU) def. Cabrajac/Hampton (LBSU), 21-17, 21-13
#3: Aigner-Swesey/Fontanilla (LBSU) def. Haworth/Kiley (FSU), 21-19, 21-8
#4: Minkel/Neely (LBSU) def. Djurdjevic/Peliterri (FSU), 26-24, 21-19
#5: McGregor/Yildirim (FSU) def. Jackson/Johnson (LBSU) 21-13, 21-19

(1) Pepperdine 3, (3) Long Beach State 0
#1: Racich/Ross (PEP) def. Ledoux/Roenicke 21-14, 21-12
#2: Frederick/Hill (PEP) def. Hampton/Cabrajac 21-7, 21-13
#3: Larsen/Robinson (PEP) def. Aigner-Swesey/Fontanilla 21-19, 21-10
#4: Minkel/Neely (LBSU) vs. Adelhelm/Woolever (PEP), DNF
#5: Jackson/Johnson (LBSU) vs. Christiaansen/Cook (PEP), DNF

(3) Long Beach State 3, (2) Florida State 1
#1: Ledoux/Roenicke (LBSU) vs. Newgard/Tiegs (FSU), DNF
#2: Pardon/Stepanova (FSU) def. Cabrajac/Hampton (LBSU) 21-11, 21-10
#3: Aigner-Swesey/Fontanilla (LBSU) def. Haworth/Kiley (FSU) 21-15, 21-14
#4: Minkel/Neely (LBSU) def. Djurdjevic/Pelliteri (FSU) 21-18, 23-21
#5: Jackson/Johnson (LBSU) def. Wickstrom/Yildirim (FSU) 23-21, 23-21

(1) Pepperdine 3, (3) Long Beach State 0
#1: Racich/Ross (PEP) def. Ledoux/Roenicke (LBSU) 21-15, 21-11
#2: Frederick/Hill (PEP) def. Hampton/Cabrajac, (LBSU) 21-14, 21-18
#3: Larsen/Robinson (PEP) vs. Aigner-Swesey/Fontanilla (LBSU) DNF
#4: Woolever/Adelhelm (PEP) def. Neely/Minkel (LBSU) 21-16, 21-8
#5: Christiaansen/Cook (PEP) vs. Johnson/Jackson (LBSU) DNF

AVCA Sand All-American Team:
Caitlin Ledoux (Long Beach State)
Tara Roenicke (Long Beach State)

Jane Croson (Hawaii)
Jekaterina Stepanova (Florida State)
Aurora Newgard (Florida State)
Brittney Tiegs (Florida State)
Caitlin Racich (Pepperdine)
Summer Ross (Pepperdine)
Lilla Frederick (Pepperdine)
Kim Hill (Pepperdine)

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