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Tyler Jackson and Janisa Johnson win flight in Saturday's sand volleyball action

Tyler Jackson and Janisa Johnson won their flight on Saturday.

March 17, 2012

Los Angeles, Calif. - Senior Janisa Johnson and Sophomore Tyler Jackson won the fifth flight in a double-elimination team format in the second day of the three-day USC Sand Volleyball tournament on Saturday in difficult conditions.

Long Beach State, USC, Pepperdine, and Florida State, the four teams participating, were split into five flights based on the strength of each pair from the schools, with one team from each school in every flight.

Teams were awarded four points for winning a flight, three points for being the runner up, two for being the second team eliminated, and one for being the first team out. Long Beach State finished with 10 points on the day, tying USC, while Florida State finished with 12 and Pepperdine finished with the most with 18.

Long Beach State's best performance on the day came in the fifth flight. Jackson and Johnson lost their first match against Michaela Christiaansen and Emily Cook of Pepperdine 21-16, 21-15, but won three straight matches to win the flight, defeating Blackman and Wickstrom of Florida State 21-15,2 1-15 before outlasting USC's Kati Duddridge and Megan Thornberry 30-28, 21-18. The pair then got their revenge against Christiaansen and Cook in the finals, winning 23-21, 21-16.

Libby Fontanilla and Alma Serna lost one match before the flight four finals, as did Caitlin Ledoux and Tara Roenicke, falling in three sets in the loser's bracket to Jace Pardon and Jekaterina Stepanova of Flirda State 21-16, 17-21, 15-12.



The tournament will conclude with a third format on Sunday, as the teams will compete in single-elimination bracket play to determine a single pair as champion. Seeding will be determined from the earlier results in the tournament, with an emphasis placed on Friday's results.

Saturday Results - USC Sand Volleyball Invitational

Flight 1 (No. 1 teams)
Jace Pardon-Jekaterina Stepanova (FSU) def. Sara Shaw-Geena Urango (USC) 15-21, 21-13, 15-5
Caitlin Racich-Summer Ross (PEP) def. Caitlin Ledoux-Tara Roenicke (LBSU) 19-21, 21-16, 15-11
Ledoux-Roenicke (LBSU) def. Shaw-Urango (USC) 17-21, 21-13, 18-16
Racich-Ross (PEP) def. Pardon-Stepanova (FSU) 21-16, 21-12
Pardon-Stepanova (FSU) def. Ledoux-Roenicke (LBSU) 21-16, 17-21, 15-12
Racich-Ross (PEP) def. Pardon-Stepanova (FSU) 21-16, 21-14

Flight 2 (No. 2 teams)
Aurora Newgard-Brittany Tiegs (FSU) def. Katie Fuller-Natalie Hagglund (USC) 19-21, 21-17, 15-12
Lilla Frederick-Kim Hill (PEP) def. Lauren Minkel-Delainey Aigner-Swesey (LBSU) 21-18, 20-22, 15-10
Fuller-Hagglund (USC) def. Minkel-Aigner-Swesey (LBSU) 21-19, 22-20
Newgard-Tiegs (FSU) def. Frederick-Hill (PEP) 21-17, 13-21, 15-12
Frederick-Hill (PEP) def. Fuller-Hagglund (USC) 21-16, 21-14
Newgard-Tiegs (FSU) def. Frederick-Hill (PEP) 21-19, 21-9

Flight 3 (No. 3 teams)
Visnja Djurdjevic-Melanie Pavels (FSU) def. Burnham-Irvin (USC) 21-7, 21-9
Victoria Adelhelm-Kellie Woolever (PEP) def. Hampton-Neely (LBSU) 21-19, 21-18
Burnham-Irvin (USC) def. Hampton-Neely (LBSU) 21-11, 21-11
Adelhelm-Woolever (PEP) def. Djurdjevic-Pavels (FSU) 19-21, 21-17, 15-13
Djurdjevic-Pavels (FSU) def. Burnham-Irvin (USC) 13-21, 21-11, 16-14
Adelhelm-Woolever (PEP) def. Djurdjevic-Pavels (FSU) 21-11, 21-17

Flight 4 (No. 4 teams)
Kendall Bateman-Sam Hirschmann (USC) def. Mallory Kiley-Stephanie Pellitteri (FSU) 21-16, 21-16
Kelley Larsen-Stevi Robinson (PEP) def. Libby Fontanilla-Alma Serna (LBSU) 21-15, 21-4
Fontanilla-Serna (LBSU) def. Kiley-Pellitteri (FSU) 21-15, 12-21, 16-14
Larsen-Robinson (PEP) def. Bateman-Hirschmann (USC) 18-21, 21-16, 15-9
Bateman-Hirschmann (USC) def. Fontanilla-Serna (LBSU) 21-12, 21-17
Larsen-Robinson (PEP) def. Bateman-Hirschmann (USC) 21-16, 21-19

Flight 5 (No. 5 teams)
Kati Duddridge-Megan Thornberry (USC) def. Blackman-Wickstrom (FSU) 21-12, 18-21, 15-10
Michaela Christiaansen-Emily Cook (PEP) def. Tyler Jackson-Janisa Johnson (LBSU) 21-16, 21-15
Jackson-Johnson (LBSU) def. Blackman-Wickstrom (FSU) 21-15,2 1-15
Christiaansen-Cook (PEP) def. Duddridge-Thornberry (USC) 21-19, 10-21, 15-13
Jackson-Johnson (LBSU) def. Duddridge-Thornberry (USC) 30-28, 21-18
Jackson-Johnson (LBSU) def. Christiaansen-Cook (PEP) 23-21, 21-16

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