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Getting to know Sue Ewart

Sue Ewart led the 49ers to two NCAA appearances and was named Big West Conference Coach of the Year twice.

June 21, 2012

1. Can you detail your coaching path to Long Beach State?

I spent my life competing and volunteering as a rules official. One day, Dede Rossi asked me if I was interested in coaching. The rest is history.

2. Beyond winning a championship, what are your goals for the upcoming season?

To be ranked in the top 30 at the end of the fall season and build on that during the spring. Win the Big West Championship and play in the postseason.

3. Who is an exciting new player we will see on you team next season?

Shawnee Martinez. Very consistent and capable of posting low scores.

4. What is your recruiting philosophy?

Replace the No. 1 player to keep the depth going. Beyond that, the biggest item is fitting the personalities to the team. It's a long season and you need players to support one another.

5. How important are the summer months to the development of your team?

It's important for the team to continue competing during the summer months. Most of the time the incoming freshman class has competed all summer long and are ready to step in. There are more junior tournaments available to play then regular amateur tournaments during the summer. So the current team must stay on top of their game.

6. If someone asked you for a recommendation where to eat in the Long Beach area, where would you send them and what would you tell them to order?

Naples Rib Company. What else, RIBS! And a brink of onion rings to top it off!

7. Outside of coaching and sports, what are your hobbies?

Taking care of my two boys, my husband and my father. Working in the garden.

8. If you had a weekend off during the season and you weren't allowed to work, what would you do with the free time?

During the season? Never happens. But just in case it actually did, I'd sleep and try to be a couch potato for one day and then try to finish one of a hundred projects that are still waiting to be done.

9. What vacation spot has been your favorite to visit?


10. Dodgers or Angels, and why? Lakers or Clippers, and why?

Honestly? It doesn't change my mode of living one way or another. I'm happy when a So Cal team wins, but the euphoria only lasts a few minutes.

11. Excluding your team, what "49er Moment" from the 2011-12 season was your favorite?

The men's golf team and their amazing season.



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