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Q & A with baseball head coach Mike Weathers

Sept. 2, 2009

Long Beach, Calif. -

What first made you love the game of baseball?
Watching it on TV and listening to Vin Scully of the Dodgers.

What are some of the significant baseball lessons you've learned early in your career at Fullerton College, Utah, or Chapman?
The game of baseball is a game of failure. No other sport lie it has the failure rate baseball does. Also, it is a team game played by individuals. No team, no success.

Dirtbag baseball is a way of life at Long Beach State. How do you instill that to your young players of today?
Dirtbags find a way to get it done. They need to earn their way. Nothing is handed to them. You are not a Dirtbag if you think you are entitled to something. You need to earn it.

How would you describe your coaching style?
It's pretty black and white. The players know where I stand. I tell them the truth if they want to hear it or not. I want my players to be prepared and let them be able to handle the situations as they happen. Be a team first and be able to handle the failures.

What do you hope to instill in a student-athlete after they leave the Dirtbag program?
What I try to instill in the player needs to happen while they are here. Responsibility and trust are two things that are a must. Those two things they can carry into their adult lives.

What is your ultimate goal here as a coach?
The ultimate goal is to go to the College World Series and win it all.

After being an assistant and head coach for Team USA, how do you think the game has changed internationally?
What has really changed is that there are more countries that have put an emphasis on baseball. In 2007 we played a team from Russia. To win internationally, you need power pitching, speed and contact hitters who put pressure on the defense. A lot like the Dirtbags try to play.

What is your strategy in the upcoming 2010 season to have the kids ready for one of the toughest schedules in the nation?
Our top priority is always is to bring the group together to work as a team. The process towards development is laid out and the fundamentals are worked on over and over. We try to make it simple and have the player know what the expectations are.



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