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Coach Sheffield's Blog: Updates from the World Championships

LaTanya Sheffield

Interview with Coach Sheffield

IAAF World Championships Schedule/Results

Long Beach State track & field assistant coach LaTanya Sheffield is currently serving as an assistant for the U.S. women at the World Championships in Moscow, Russia, and will be updating throughout the meet.

August 14
Day 5. Today is a rest day for the sprinters and hurdlers. They are preparing their hamstrings for another grueling session of competition. Some team members visited with the American Ambassador for hors d'oeuvres. I visited Red Square, breath taking buildings. Also had time to SHOP, SHOP and SHOP!! Any requests?

August 13
Today completes Day 4. It was very exciting because we heard our National Anthem during the medal ceremony again. We took the gold and silver in the 110 hurdles. A collection of countries stood near me as I sang our anthem at the top of my lungs (off key). I wonder if they were thinking... This is a good time for her to lip sync.

August 12
Day 3: The warm-up field is intense. The men's 110 hurdle final, women's 400 hurdles, women's shot put final, and the women's 100m final will be contested today. Tension and anticipation is in high form. The U.S. has some heavy hitters. Other countries know that we are the team to beat. Our athletes are wearing the pressure well. As they prepare in their separate corners of the track there is only one goal in mind... put bodies behind you. Go USA!

August 11
Usain Bolt is electrifying and entertaining! The morning of the men's 100m final, Dennis Mitchell, coach of Justin Gatlin, told me that he needed to get his mind right in preparation for the competition. Lesson for Day 2... Coaches compete too!!

August 10
Day 1 is complete. The U.S. had a great day of competition. The women's 400m began their first round and all three U.S. athletes advanced to the second round. Behind the scenes, in the warm-up track there is a large clock that displays the time that the athletes are to report in. It registers down to the seconds. They are very punctual. If you miss the call time by seconds you will not be allowed to compete! My job as a coach is to make sure each elite athlete adheres to the schedule. Today I was anxious. Each athlete warms up differently. Our first two athletes made the call time with room to spare. The third athlete went to the wire. On the inside I wanted to interrupt her warm up, pick her up and take her to the call room but on the outside it was important that I remained cool and calm while gently rushing her to meet the call time. Needless to say she made it with only 3 seconds to spare. Lesson for the day... Never let 'em see you sweat! Go USA and Go Beach!



August 9
Team USA is very excited to commence Day One. As coach of the women's sprint & hurdles I am anxious for us to get the party started with the women's 400m. Our women will lose their family name and inherit our country name...USA!!!

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