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Legacy Society

The CSULB Legacy Society recognizes all donors who make gifts from their estate in support of our university. The recognition program offers invitations to two general campus events a year, regular campus communications and access to advice and resources through the campus Gift Planning office. Additionally, Long Beach State provides special recognition to athletics donors through the Athletics Legacy Giving Program. Athletics donors who make estate gifts are invited to an annual brunch and receive recognition on a special donor wall in the Walter Pyramid.

The Athletics Legacy Giving Program has received more than $12.5 million in commitments to Beach Athletics, primarily for endowing named scholarships that will permanently support student-athletes and sports programs.

With a generous legacy gift, Ken Lindgren was able to significantly impact the facility he coached at for many years, now known as the Ken Lindgren Aquatics Center. Among the improvements were a new video scoreboard, two new light towers, and permanent seating that more than doubling the capacity of seated attendance for Long Beach State Water Polo.

Athletics Legacy Society Brunch

One highlight of Athletics Legacy Society membership is the invitation to the annual brunch where members receive updates on the program's progress, new members are recognized, and prospective members learn more about leaving a legacy.


There are a few ways we recognize members:

  • Online
  • Public Displays in the Walter Pyramid
  • Team Locker Rooms
  • Building/Office/Room Naming Opportunities

Based on the level and type of legacy gift commitment, Athletics has naming opportunities associated with each of our sports teams - a great way to attach your name in perpetuity to your favorite sport or coach, or remember/acknowledge a special person in your life. Visit to discover available opportunities.

Gift Planning

In addition to facility funding and annual giving, many supporters of Long Beach State Athletics choose to make a gift through thoughtful estate planning. We can help you find a way to create a legacy that supports future generations of student-athletes, coaches and staff. Some options to give do not even require cash today!

Ways to create your legacy at Long Beach State include making a gift through appreciated real estate, charitable trusts, stocks or mutual funds, and much more. To learn more about Planned Giving click here or call Susan Berkman at (562) 985-5489.

Listed below are those who have invested in the future of Long Beach State student-athletes through our Legacy Giving program.

List of Athletics Legacy Society donors (as of April 15, 2015):

Carol & David Ables Kenneth Lindgren
Noreen & Mark Alexander Barbara & Manuel Loureiro
Phyllis Barrett Bruce DD Mac Rae
Lucia Bartholio Susan & Tom McConnell
Rodger Borge Jeri & George Medak
Jan & Dale Fairbanks Martin Miller
Jean & William Fisher Karen & Sam Pinterpe
John Flynn Cynthia & Leslie Robbins
Desiree & Dan Gooch Barbara Shriver
Alex Goldberg Gary Stanton
Cora & Charles Horger Lynne & Terry Rhodes
Melissa & Patrick Hughes Joyce Ricci
James Jasper Vern & Trish Schooley
Dr. Marilyn Jensen Arline & Mike Walter
Sylvia & Vernon Jones Carol & Bob York
James Young


"I am grateful for the education I received at Long Beach State. Without it, I wouldn't have had a career in education that spanned 40 years. Now that I'm retired, it gives me great pleasure to be involved with the university, especially the Athletic Department. Being able to provide future students with scholarships through my legacy gift would never have happened without my degree and credential. I feel that having a good education enhances success in life and to provide this opportunity to others is very special to me."
Joyce Ricci '68, '81

Create Your Legacy

Charitable Bequest - A charitable bequest will not take effect until your passing. In addition, it's revocable, so it can be amended if your needs change over time. You can make a generous commitment to our financial future today, without reducing your savings or your cash flow.

Life Insurance - Are you maintaining more life insurance than your family still needs? You're not alone! You can give us a paid-up life insurance policy whose coverage has become surplus. You'll receive a charitable deduction for the value of the policy, simplify your portfolio, and make a substantial gift to us without affecting your cash flow in any way.

Charitable Gift Annuity - You can freeze the current value of a stock or avoid capital gains tax on its sale by contributing it to us in return for a charitable gift annuity. Your annuity will be based on the value of the stock at the time you donate it. And, you'll gain the assurance of stable, lifetime payments in return for your gift based on your age, not market conditions.

Retirement Plans - You can help your heirs by making LBSU the beneficiary of your retirement plans (401-K, IRA, SEP and others). Heirs who are named as beneficiaries of these plans may end up paying your income taxes on their own. By making LBSU the beneficiary of your plan and giving other assets to your heirs, you can reduce their income taxes.

Retained Life Estate - Your home may be the largest asset in your estate. If you know you want to give it to us one day, but still want to live there, think about a retained life estate. You can give your home to us now and still live in it for the rest of your life, plus you will receive a large tax deduction. If your situation changes, we can even arrange to sell the home and set up a life income plan to pay for your future care.

Click here to visit the University's Legacy Society Website



  Endowment Benchmark Anticipated Annual Return (4.5%)
In-State Tuition $6,452 $150,000 $6,750
Out-of-State Tuition $16,868 $375,000 $16,875
Room, Board, and Books $11,070 $250,000 $11,250
Total Full In-State Scholarship $17,522 $400,000 $18,000
Total Full Out-of-State Scholarship $28,738 $640,000 $28,800

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