Student-Athlete Advisory Committee


What is SAAC?

    The Student Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC) serves as the governing body for Long Beach State student-athletes. The committee is comprised of representatives from all 19 athletic teams and meets once a month throughout the school year. The role of each member is to represent his or her team in terms of communicating information to and from administrative staff and coaches. Each representative plays an important and intricate role for our campus because they are the voice of their respective teams to the SAAC Board.

    SAAC is there to enhance the total student athlete experience by promoting opportunity, protecting student athlete welfare, and fostering a positive student athlete image. They also support with planning of events/programs throughout the year and helping us with assessment following those events/programs.

    The mission of SAAC is to:

    1. Serve the communities that support us as well as other communities in need;
    2. Provide student-athletes with opportunities to develop the skills and relationships necessary to achieve a competitive advantage in their professional field of choice; and
    3. Strengthen the camaraderie of the student-athlete community by fostering the development of new student-athlete relationships as well as enhancing existing ones.

    SAAC is the student-athlete voice within the NCAA structure to proposed NCAA legislation and any potential recommended NCAA legislation. SAAC is there to actively participate in the administrative process of the athletics programs and the NCAA.

    SAAC Advisor
    Email TBA

    2013-14 SAAC Executive Board

    Conner Reilly
    Men's Water Polo

    Alex Sanchez
    Women's Basketball

    Taylor Gregory
    Men's Volleyball

    Devin Hudson
    Women's Basketball

    Karolina Rozenberg
    Women's Tennis

    Community Service Coordinator
    Bianka Balthazar
    Women's Basketball

    Administrative Assistant
    Zaccary Kappos
    Men's Water Polo

    Administrative Assistant
    Jacob Fraser
    Men's Track & Field

    Administrative Assistant
    Matisse Hemingway
    Women's Soccer

    Meetings are held the first Wednesday of each month at 5:30 p.m. in the Ukleja Room of the Pyramid. Anyone is welcome to attend, but only SAAC representatives will have voting authority.

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