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Off-Campus Conduct Policy | Outside Competition Form | Long Beach State Student-Athlete Code of Conduct
Employment Form | Promotional Activities Form | Fee For Lesson Form | Degree Completion Contract | Degree Completion Qualifications | Expense Sheet | Summer Contact Form


The Long Beach State athletic department is committed to the personal health and development of our student-athletes. In addition to the athletic related injuries, our athletic training staff and network of health care providers can be a resource for you to help deal with other health related issues or illnesses that may arise. Examples of these issues include:

  • Nutrition and eating disorders
  • Pregnancy
  • Drug and alcohol related issues (NCAA Education, testing and banned medications)
  • Topics covered in the Student-Athlete Handbook
Student-athletes are encouraged to contact an athletic training staff member, Strength & Conditioning Coach and CHAMPS Life Skills Director with any questions or concerns regarding their health and or any of the issues listed above.


Campus Police:

Student Health Center:

Associated Student Body:

Drugs and Alcohol | Career | Contraception | Hazing Prevention | HIV/AIDS/STI | Lesbian/Gay/Bisexual/Transgender | Media | Mental Health | NCAA Scholarships | Nutrition | Personal Health | Physical Activity | Sexual Activity | Support Groups | Title IX | Tobacco | Women's Safety


The NCAA and Long Beach State Athletics warns student-athletes about the use of nutritional supplements based on the fact that the federal government (FDA) does not regulate supplement labeling and therefore, ingredients included in the product, including banned substances, may not be listed on the label and/or the amount of the ingredient may be incorrect.

NCAA Banned Drug information
Call (877) 202-0769 or (816) 474-8655 Banned Drug List

Addict Help

Club Drugs

National Commission Against Drunk Driving

National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism

National Institute on Drug Abuse


Career Center

Counseling Center:

Planned Parenthood Foundation of America

National Hazing Prevention Education Organization

Stop Hazing

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Division of HIV/AIDS Prevention (DHAP)

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Division of STD Prevention

Documentary Film: 3 Girls I Know
A film about young Women, Sexuality, Teen Pregnancy, and HIV/AIDs

The Sexual Health Network

National Gay and Lesbian Hotline


LGBT Center
CSULB Student Resource Center

LGBTIQ Support Group
LGBTIQ Support Group

Champions of Respect - Inclusion of LGBTQ Student-Athlete - NCAA Publication
Click HERE to download the document from the NCAA website.

NCAA Inclusion resource page
NCAA LGBTQ Resources

Video awareness projects:

NCAA Inclusion of Transgender Student-Athletes Publication
Transgender Handbook


Student-Athlete Media Guidelines
Long Beach State Interview Guide

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Mental Health Work Group

National Institute of Mental Health

Active Minds - Changing the conversation about mental health


If you are interested in any of the following scholarships or internships, please contact any of the following:
Stephanie Baugh
Life Skills Coordinator/SAAC Adviso
Bonnie Gasior
Faculty Athletics Representative
Cindy Masner
Senior Associate Athletic Director


  • Undergraduate Athletics Scholarships
  • The Freedom Forum-NCAA Sports-Journalism Scholarships
  • Walter Byers Postgraduate Scholarship Program
  • Ethnic Minority and Women's Enhancement Postgraduate Scholarship Programs
  • NCAA Postgraduate Scholarship Program
  • Degree Completion Scholarships (Undergraduate but exhausted eligibility)


  • NCAA Internship Program
  • Conference Intern Seminar


Nutrition and Strength & Conditioning

The Long Beach State athletic department and athletic medicine staff are committed to the personal health and development of our student-athletes. In addition to the athletic-related injuries we see, our staff and network of health care providers can be a resource on nutrition, nutritional supplements and eating disorders. Student-athletes are encouraged to contact an athletic training staff member with any questiona or corncerns.
Nutrition and Supplement Information


National Sleep Foundation

NEDA: National Eating Disorder Association:

Eating Disorders
What Long Beach State Athletes Need To Know

Center for Disease Control of Nutrition and Physical Activity


Rape Abuse & Incest National Network (RAINN)

Life Happens - 25-30 Something Students

LGBTIQ Support Group

Women's Therapy : Shared Experiences

African-American Women's Support Group
Understanding Myself, Understanding Others

Title IX Information
Office of the Title IX Coordinator

The University has designated four administrators to oversee the implementation of Title IX and the administrative responsibility of reviewing such matters.
Jeane Relleve Caveness, Ph.D.
Title IX Coordinator | Associate Dean of Students
(562) 985-5587
Questions regarding Title IX
Concerns and complaints of non-compliance
Ken Kelly
Deputy Title IX Coordinator, Student Affairs
Questions regarding Title IX
Concerns and complaints of non-compliance
Larisa Hamada
Deputy Title IX Coordinator for Faculty, Staff & Third Parties | Director, Office of Equity & Diversity
(562) 985-8256
Issues dealing with employees and students
Cindy Masner
Deputy Title IX Coordinator For Athletics | Deputy Athletic Director
(562) 985-8146
Monitoring gender equity in Athletics

Tobacco Free U

Girls Fight Back - Our mission is to empower women and girls across the globe through personal safety and self-defense education. We accomplish this via live seminars, books, DVDs and other safety products that help women lead safe and fearless lives.

Unite for Change - Unite for Change provides innovative educational resources that promote sexual assault awareness and prevention, sexual health and healthy sexuality. In partnership with activists, leaders, artists, campuses and communities we aim to link individuals together to help build communities that are part of the solution to end sexual violence.
Women's Resource Center
CSULB Student Resource Center

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