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Welcome to the Life Skills program at Long Beach State!

OUR MISSION? Enable student-athletes to grow. Empower student-athletes to succeed.

  • The purpose of the Long Beach State Life Skills program is to provide student athletes the opportunity to develop holistically as individuals, pursue positive opportunities and to have confidence in their abilities as they face the future through a variety of programs and workshops that encourage emotional well-being, leadership, and personal and professional growth.

Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC)


  • SAAC is the collective voice of the student-athlete voice within the NCAA structure to proposed NCAA legislation and any potential recommended NCAA legislation. SAAC is there to actively participate in the administrative process of the athletics programs and the NCAA.
  • The mission of the California State University, Long Beach Student-Athlete Advisory Committee is to create and maintain a campus environment consistent with the needs and desires of the student-athlete community. The CSULB SAAC aims to create and protect both the opportunity and the freedom of the student-athlete community to pave their own path at the university en route to achieving their own goals for the future. To fulfill the mission, SAAC will:
    • Reciprocate support to the campus and the surrounding community;
    • Provide student-athletes with opportunities to develop the skills and relationships necessary to achieve a competitive advantage in their professional field of choice;
    • Strengthen the camaraderie of the student-athlete community by fostering the development of new student-athlete relationships as well as enhancing existing ones;
    • Provide a voice for the student-athlete to the Administration regarding their welfare and needs;
    • Promote efficient communication between the CSULB Athletic Department Administration and the student-athlete population; and
    • Give the student-athlete a voice within the NCAA structure on proposed NCAA legislation and any potentially recommended NCAA legislation.

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