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Congratulations to the following people who have made the Long Beach State Spirit Teams. Please send an acceptance of your position email by Thursday May 15.

Email Address:rey@usspiritleaders.com
Subject: Your First and Last Name: Acceptance of Cheer or Dance Position
Salutation: Hi Coach Rey or Hi Rey
Message: I wish to accept or decline my position on this year's cheer or dance team. I will be at the mandatory meeting on Thursday May 22.
*Phone Interview: Please include dates, times and phone number that are best for you if you have been requested to have a phone interview.

2014-15 Long Beach State Dance Team

1. Shannah James
2. Stephanie Lopez
3. Bryce Richey
4. Lauren Rauen
5. Samantha Price
6. Gwendolyn Gebelein
7. Misa Nakazawa
8. Regina Fergerson
9. Laura Tanimoto
10. Cameron McAuliffe
13. Catherine Galpin
15. Kristina Morrison
21. Brianna Murtland
22. Cassidy Jones
26. Melissa Minkovsky (pending all application material)

2014-15 Long Beach State Cheer Team

4. Adan Ramos
5. Sarah Black
6. Sara Turner
9. Victoria Bustos
11. Ashlynn Meyer
16. Alexandria Brewster
28. Amanda Martinez
31. Claire Lindstrom
37. Destiney Farihi

1. Mariah Ballard (pending phone interview)
2. Dominique Wright (pending phone interview)
3. Shaakira Raasikh (pending phone interview)
7. Tristian Washington (pending phone interview)
8. Rubi Quezada (pending phone interview)
12. Alex Cordova (pending phone interview)
18. Katelyn Costa (pending phone interview)
19. Andrea Garcia (pending phone interview)
21. Laura Paiz (pending phone interview)
24. Jenna Robertson (pending phone interview)
25. Elizabeth Consunji (pending phone interview)

2013-14 Cheer Squad: Alexandra Cordova, Amber Frank, Annina Cooper, Ashlynn Meyer, Brianne Rios, Courtney Johnson, Dominique Wright, Elizabeth Ansorge, Fernando Ayala, Hannah Canhorn, Jayme Johnson, Jessica Cruz, Jessica Gerner, Jessica Licea, Kaila Alvarado, Karli Shutt, Mariah Ballard, Megan Dixon, Sarah Black, Sara Turner, Savannah Deming, Shaakira Raasikh, Tristian Washington, Victoria Bustos.
2013-14 Dance Squad: Alexis Grcevic,Bryce Richey, Dorothy Franklin, Haley Richartz, Lauren Rauen, Melissa Minkovsky, Paige Lapp, Rebecca Ramirez, Samantha Price, Shannah James, Stephanie Lopez.

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