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Long Beach State Transfer Information

The NCAA has a published a transfer guide titled Transfer 101 which provides basic information to help answer questions about transferring to another NCAA institution. It can be found by visiting and looking for their Media & Events Link. Choose publications, general interest. Or it can be found at the following link:

Division I Eligibility Center Links
2010-11 Transfer Guide

Guidelines for Requesting Permission to Speak
A Long Beach State student athlete, who wishes to speak to another four year institution about the possibility of transferring, must take the following steps:

  1. Speak to coach and request permission to speak. The coach will make a recommendation and the Athletic Director must concur. Permission to speak may be limited to specific institutions and will be handled on a case-by-case basis.
  2. If permission to speak is granted, the Associate Athletic Director for Compliance will send letters to the school(s) the student athlete is interested in contacting.
  3. Complete all necessary paperwork and discuss transfer rules with the Associate Athletic Director for Compliance.
  4. If the student athlete decides to transfer he/she must work with the BAC to drop any classes registered for that he/she will no longer be attending. Failure to do so will leave the student athlete personally responsible for the tuition and fee costs incurred.
  5. Return all equipment issued by Long Beach State Athletics.

In the event a request for permission to speak is denied the student athlete has the right to appeal the decision. A hearing will be conducted in accordance with NCAA regulations (see procedure below).

Guidelines for transferring to another 4 year institution:
All of the following conditions must be met to be immediately eligible upon transfer:

  1. Permission to speak must be granted. If not, a student athlete may not be recruited by another four-year institution and may not be able to receive an athletic scholarship.
  2. The transfer may not be in the sports of Baseball, Basketball, Football or Ice Hockey.
  3. A student athlete may not transfer to a third four-year institution.
  4. A student athlete must be in good academic standing and have been eligible had he/she remained at Long Beach State.
  5. Long Beach state must certify in writing its support of the one-time transfer exception.

If at student athlete's request for a one time transfer exception is not granted he/she has the right to an appeal. A hearing will be conducted in accordance with NCAA regulations (see procedure below).

Appeal Procedure:
Permission to Speak Denial/One Time Transfer Denial: A student athlete who has been informed in writing by the Associate Athletic Director for Compliance that he/she has been denied permission to speak or has been denied a one-time transfer request is entitled to a hearing conducted by the Student Athlete Welfare Committee an appeals committee external to the Athletics Department.

Once a request for a hearing is received from the student-athlete a hearing date will be set. The hearing will be conducted by a committee consisting of the Faculty Athletic Representative (FAR) Chair, a student-athlete, and two additional members from the faculty and/or administrative areas of the University. The hearing process will be governed by the following procedures:

  1. Prior to the hearing, both parties (student-athlete and the Director of Athletics, or designee, or head coach of the respective sport) may provide written information and documentation for the Committee for review, which must be received by the Chair no later than noon the day prior to the hearing.
  2. Both parties will be entitled to present the rationale for their respective positions in person to the Committee. Presentations will be delivered at separate times, and as determined by the committee.
  3. At the hearing, the student-athlete may be accompanied by one advisor, not an attorney. This individual will not be permitted to address the Committee directly, but may advise the student-athlete.
  4. The committee will have a closed-door meeting after hearing both sides and will render their decision.
  5. Once the decision has been rendered, all parties and the Compliance Office will be notified in writing by the Chair within five business days of the Committee's findings.
  6. The decision of the Committee is considered to be final and binding on all parties. (Once a transfer appeal decision has been made, there are no further appeals allowed.)
  7. Copies of the relevant documents related to the case will be kept on file in the Compliance Office for a period of six years.

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