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Renewal and Non-Renewal of Athletic Scholarships

In accordance with NCAA regulations, student athletes must be notified by July 1 regarding the renewal, non-renewal or reduction of their athletic grants-in-aid. If the student athlete believes the reduction or cancellation to be unjustified, he/she is entitled to a prompt hearing before the institution's Financial Aid committee. Specific circumstances with the reduction/non-renewal of a scholarship are handled on a case-by-case basis and in compliance with all NCAA regulations.

Financial Aid Appeal

After a student athlete is notified of a reduction or cancellation of their athletic grant in writing by the Director of Financial Aid (or designee) they have the right to a hearing. Per NCAA regulations, if a student athlete feels the cancellation or reduction of aid is unfair or unjustified they have a right to request a hearing. The notice instructs them to contact the Faculty Athletic Representative by a deadline date (2 weeks after the date of the notice) to request a hearing. The Director of Financial Aid will contact the individual in writing informing them of what the appeal should include and the process. When requesting a hearing, provide the following:

  • A written appeal with any supporting documentation;
  • This appeal must be submitted to the Director of Financial Aid by the due date;
  • If presenting supporting oral information, please state so in the written appeal;
  • Any information to be provided by other parties should be presented in written and signed statements as part of written appeal;
  • If the student athlete would like to have anyone else present during the hearing, they must state so in their written appeal, including the reason for his or her presence. This additional participation must be approved prior to the hearing.

Based on the Financial Aid Appeals Committee (Individuals outside of the athletic department) review of the information provided. An in-person hearing may be scheduled soon after submission of the written appeal.

The Financial Aid Appeals Committee reviews the written appeal and/or in-person testimony and reaches a decision.

The student athlete and the Athletics Department are notified of the outcome within 10 days. The decision of the Committee is final.

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