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Other 49er Facilities

The 49ers feature a number of other facilites the its athletics teams perform on.

JACK ROSE STADIUM (Track and Field)
Capacity: 850
Surface: SW 400-Meter all-weather track and runways
Conditions: Ideal wind conditions for sprints, jumping and throwing events.
Interesting Facts:
· Featured in several TV and movie spots, including "American Pie" and the
"Gail Deevers Story"
· Can host a full array of T&F events during a given day.

49ER SOFTBALL COMPLEX (Women's Softball)
Capacity: 800
First Game: Feb. 10, 1993
Top Attendance:
1,800 on February 12, 2000
Lines-210, Center - 220
Interesting Facts:
· Used by Special Olympics each summer.
· First annual LBSU Invitational played in 2001.

49ER POOL (water polo)

Capacity: 500
· On-campus facility features two pools, spectator seating, coaching offices and meeting room
· One olympic size pool
· Host to various tournaments
· Able to accomodate multiple matches at once
· Used for LBSU and other licensed swimming and water education classes

Opened: 2001
· Located at El Dorado GC, two miles from LBSU
· Largest, stand alone golf facility in California
· Exclusively used by the 49er golf teams.
· 11,000 sq. foot Tee Box with fairway bunker.
· 8,000 sq. foot chipping green with two practice bunkers.
· 9,000 sq. foot undulating putting green.

Capacity: 1000
· Named after Hall of Fame football coach George Allen, who coached the second to last football team at Long Beach State in 1990
· Home to 49er women's soccer since 1998
· Used in American Pie trilogy move, "American Wedding"

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