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Basic Rules to Know Pertaining to Student-Athletes



No Contact With Prospects
Athletics representatives of an NCAA Division-I institution are prohibited from making in-person on or off-campus recruiting contacts, as well as written or telephone communications with a prospect or the prospect’s parents or relatives.

No Contact With Prospect’s School or Staff
Athletics representatives may NOT contact the prospect’s coach, principal, or counselor in an attempt to evaluate a prospect or visit the prospect’s institution to pick up films or transcripts pertaining to the evaluation of the prospect.

Attendance at Prospect’s Events
Athletics Representatives may attend events (e.g., contests, banquets) where prospects are present on his or her own initiative, subject to the understanding that the representative may NOT contact the prospect or the prospect’s parents or relatives.
Inform Long Beach State Coaches

Only Long Beach State coaches who have passed the NCAA Recruiting Rules Examination may be involved in the recruitment process for a sport. There may be no recruiting contacts made by boosters.

Athletics representatives may inform the Long Beach State coaches of prospects in their area by contacting them and sending newspaper clippings with the names of particular prospects.

Pre-Established Relationship
Athletics representatives who have pre-established relationships with prospects, their parents and relatives may continue normal contacts with the understanding that such contacts are not made for recruiting purposes and are not arranged by members of the institution’s coaching staff.

Employment for Prospects
Athletics representatives may arrange employment for prospective student-athletes under certain conditions. The prospect may not begin the job until after the completion of the prospect’s senior year in high school. Compensation must be based on work actually performed and at a rate commensurate with the going rate in the locality for services of like character. Any benefits provided for prospective student-athletes in your employment (e.g., transportation) must be the same as provided for all other employees.

Benefits or Special Arrangements
Athletics representatives may NOT provide any benefits or special arrangements (e.g., transportation, room, board, local or long distance telephone calls) to an enrolled student-athlete, his or her parents, relatives, or friends.

Employment for Enrolled Student-Athletes
Athletics representatives must first receive prior approval from the appropriate administrator of the Long Beach State Athletics Department in order to arrange for employment for enrolled student-athletes. NCAA rules require that the student-athlete and the employer sign a written statement prior to the commencement of employment confirming that the employment satisfies the conditions as stated in the NCAA manual. Compensation must be based on work actually performed and at a rate commensurate with the going rate in the locality for services of like character.

Occasional Meals
Athletics representatives may provide an enrolled student-athlete, more than one student-athlete, or an entire team with an occasional family meal. The occasional meal may be catered, must be provided in an individual’s home, and must be restricted to infrequent or special occasions. Friends and relatives of student-athletes may not attend. Only the representative that is hosting the meal function in their home may provide transportation to the student-athlete. Arrangements for team events must be made in advance with the head coach and the appropriate athletics administrator.

Length of Time
NCAA rules regarding enrolled student-athletes remain in effect throughout the entire year including summer break. When student-athletes complete their final season of eligibility, they must abide by NCAA rules until the end of that academic year and/or until they are no longer receiving athletic financial aid.

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